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Geniusloc Publshing

geniusloci-Publishing was inspired by the spirits of the island of the Gods during the year I spent living on Bali.

Together with a friend, I was sitting on the terrace of our house, right at the edge of the jungle: The air was moist from the tropical rain that left every tree and leaf drenched. There was a faint smell of incense still lingering and we could hear the jungle breathing, living: Crickets, birds and geckos calling out, flies buzzing, muffled voices from the rice farmers down by the river.

We were just finishing the brochure of the Bali Workshop renown Earth healer and UNESCO Artist for Peace, Marko Pogačnik, had given a few weeks before.

All of a sudden we got the idea of publishing the journal of this Earth Healing Workshop for a broader audience - and so the idea of my own publishing house was born!

The name Genius Loci comes from what our ancestors called ‘the spirit of a place’, a place where they sensed the presence of their Gods and spirits. These localities became sacred places of worship and also of inspiration.

Throughout time, people across the globe have tapped into that energy, threading it into their stories and tales.

Upon finishing school I moved to Munich where I obtained a MA/Master Degree in German as a Foreign Language, Sinology and Psychology.

I was born into a family in which traveling and creativity were the most powerful resources that helped to overcome the trauma of loss and death in life. This is why I became a trauma healer and have been working in this field for over 15 years.

I developed, from young age, a love for literature and poetry.

To seek and find that poetic and mystical beauty in the world, in stories, landscapes, words and pictures, is what I want to express through my publications. 

geniusloci-Publishing is an invitation to travel within, to find inspiration and foster a connection to other places and all beings whom we share this planet with.

Hello dearest reader,
Constance here!
Dedicated to the poetry of life.
Created to inspire.

These selected stories
celebrate the beauty of
the Earth
its peoples, legends and places
their spirits and memories
connectedness with all the creation

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