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Launching our new website

The day is finally here: we are launching our brand-new geniusloci-Publishing website!

This has been brewing for a while now, we have carried it with us through these past months of upheaval and transitions, at times losing sight of where it was going but regaining it back with new motivation to create something inviting and inspiring.

Over this period of time, visions and ideas changed, designs had to be adjusted, words paraphrased.

Throughout this process, we learnt that inspiration and drive for creative work come in phases and need (mental) space. Very often, we are all so busy with the many other things in our lives that we deem to be more important or more pressing.

But alas, the website is finally finished!

This new website makes ordering from our shop much much easier. It brings together our story, our publications, contributors as well holding a space for updates and different content on our blog (which most likely will also change and shape-shift, so far we have plenty of ideas…).

None of this would have been possible without the help of Joseph and Manuel Schembri, who’ve designed this website according to our ideas and wishes. Thank you so much to the both of you for your generous and continuous support, your guidance and your patience, we are so so grateful!

Right now, we are overjoyed to be showing you the fruits of all of this work and we cannot wait to show you our new project hopefully very soon!

This one will be a little different from the first two publications of ours, and really reflect our core values of inspiration, creativity and beauty, and our motto of capturing and cultivating the ‘poetry of life’.

Until then we hope you enjoy this new home of geniusloci-Publishing!


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