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Sailing Your Inspiration

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Come with us on a soul journey that will change your life!

21.05-31.05.2021 & 29.06-09.07.2021

Be inspired by the pictures, the video and the content and come with us on

board this unique trip to Greece!

Would you like to take this trip with us? Then contact us now:


For seven days we will sail on a catamaran in the Ionian Sea under the vastness of the blue Greek sky. We start our unique journey in Delphi, the most famous oracle place of the ancient world. There, over 2000 years ago, the words know yourself were engraved in the entrance gate of the Temple of Apollo. The question Who am I? has always been one of the most important questions for humanity...


Come with us on a soul journey that will transform your life!

Travel dates:

21.05-31.05.2021 & 29.06-09.07.2021

Get all the details:

Next trip(s) coming May and June 2022!

Make your reservation now since the places are quickly booked!


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